Enlightenment and Nirvana


The aim of the Buddhist path is the removal of suffering. “Everything that I teach,” the Buddha said, “serves only for the removal of suffering.” The condition that, through the practice of The Four Noble Truths ultimately leads to the removal of suffering, is known as “awakening or “Enlightenment” and is synonymous with Nirvana.


Nirvana is not a location; rather, a condition that exists independent of time and place, life and death.


Enlightenment is achieved when ignorance is removed through insight into the true nature of all phenomenon.


Powerful concentration is necessary in order to see through the existing patterns and concepts of our minds, and thereby to change. Mindfulness and concentrated awareness for that which really occurs are very helpful means. The meditation (LINK) is a beneficial  method, dedication and trust are preconditions.


The level of enlightenment in Buddhism is known as a non-conceptual level of being, which cannot be touched by notions, ideas, convictions and beliefs. Enlightenment is the impartial mental unselfconsciousness and thereby the complete liberation from the hypnotic power of our thoughts—no not thinking. Whoever is enlightened is free from all constricting conceptual notions including the notion of Enlightenment.


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