Personal responsibility


The view of dependent origination leads to a attitude of non-violence and personal responsibility. All conditions are dependant on causes and conditions. On this basis, there exists nothing in our perceived world conceived of itself, rather only in dependence from and to others.


With all our actions and all our existences, we are all an indispensable part of a web that we, through our deeds, inevitably co-create.  Consequently all our actions have a corresponding repercussion not only on everyone else, but equally on ourselves.


Since we create the conditions ourselves through our actions, we can not delegate responsibility to anyone else. We are personally responsible for our complete actions.


The result of completed actions cannot be undone.


The Buddha firstly analysed our world and its laws. Upon this he showed a path that allowed individuals to work with their minds. Through growing insight and wholesome behaviour one can overcome suffering.


It is a path of complete personal responsibility and even a Buddha can only give us advice for this path. It is up to us to apply this advice accordingly. In the teachings of the Buddha there is no godly being at the centre, which serves as the cause or aim for the responsible actions of people. It is about one’s own insight and awareness, which determine the fashion of our deeds.


Wisdom and compassion are the guidelines for this path. We can continually remind ourselves that wholesome actions can change us and the world in a wholesome direction.

Wholesome actions




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