The Mobile Hospice of the ÖBR


The volunteers of the Mobile Hospice of the ÖBR support the terminally ill, the dying and their relatives, as well as mourners, irrespective of their religion and origin. Mourners find support in the monthly meetings of the mourners' group. Our offer is free of charge.


As an experienced pain therapist and palliative physician, Dr. Franz Zdrahal works on a voluntary basis for the Mobile Hospice. For volunteer team members we offer a qualifying course that is called "Introduction to the accompanying of life, death and mourning". Team meetings, the opportunity to reflect, and supervision are also offered regularly.


The coordinator for the Mobile Hospice DGKS, Ms. Inni Strobl will gladly answer any questions you may have.


In the annual report of the Mobile Hospice you can read how many people have been looked after, which courses were offered, and which future activities have been planned.


Donations to the registered non-profit association "Mobiles Hospiz der ÖBR" are tax deductible. Thank you very much!


Account Holder: Verein Mobiles Hospiz der ÖBR
IBAN: AT25 6000 0000 9218 9568



"TrauerZeit" Time for Mourning


Discussion and meditation group for mourners. Open for everybody from  all spiritual traditions.


There is little room for mourning in modern society. Therefore this group would like to offer the time and place:

  • to allow time for mourning,
  • to find ways to say goodbye,
  • to encounter solitude,
  • to give comfort to each other, and
  • to let go and to gain confidence.


Guidance: Eva-Maria Danko-Bodenstein, Tel. 0699 11 99 03 61


Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, always from 17:30 – 19:00

at the meditation centre "der mittlere weg"

1010 Wien, Biberstraße 9/2 (1. floor)



Inni Strobl

DGKS Ingrid Strobl

Koordinatorin des Mobilen Hospiz der ÖBR


0650 / 523 38 03

Mo. - Fr.  13:00 - 14:00 Uhr

facebook: Buddhismus in Österreich