Buddhist Religious Education


For more than 25 years, the ÖBR has offered Buddhist education throughout Austria to every school level.


Our Educational Goal

The human mind - with its characteristics of thought, sensation, and desire - can be transformed into a positive and wholesome state through practice, education, and meditative exercises. It is thereby helpful to continuously deepen and internalize the Buddhist teachings.


These can be defined as follows: independent and critical reflection, respect for all living beings and nature, and the holistic approach of dependent origination and the reciprocal dependency of all the phenomena.


Further Offers: Toddlers' Group

Our offer for the youngest: every month a meeting is held in Vienna for a group of small children. On this afternoon, children from 2 to 5 years can playfully get in touch with Buddhist topics. MMag. Karin Ertl, who has been our Buddhist religion teacher at elementary and secondary schools in Vienna for many years, is in charge of the toddlers' groups. If you are interested in joining, please contact Karin Ertl directly by calling: 0664 / 123 76 18, fiost@buddhismus-austria.at


Puja for families

For many years grown-up and young Buddhists of all traditions have been celebrating these Pujas on Sundays together with Marina Myo Gong Jahn, the Vice President of the ÖBR. You can expect group recital, group conversation, celebrating together, and afterwards, a get-together with tea and cake.

Where: At the ÖBR meditation center "Meditationszentrum der mittlere weg“, 1010 Vienna, Biberstraße 9/2, office@buddhismus-austria.at


Buddhist Youth

Life continually demands something from us. Time never stands still. Experience with us: peace, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. Exchange ideas with people of your own age in a pleasant atmosphere.





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