Socially Engaged Buddhism


It is of great importance for us to give society a wholesome impact, based on the teachings of the Buddha.


Voluntary members of our Mobile ÖBR Hospice attend to people during the last phase of their lives, regardless of their religious orientation or origin. They also take care of sick people. We  provide support for our volunteers in team meetings, which are held on a regular basis, and by supervision.


Our Network Mindful Economy (NAW) is an association of people who want to make the treasures of Buddhist practice and wisdom useful for our times and especially for their economic activities. They organize Mindful Co-Working, lectures and workshops.


With our Prison-Chaplaincy we want to give people the opportunity to use their time of imprisonment for meditation and the study of the Dharma. Our offer includes one-to-one talks and in agreement with the heads of the institutions, also meditation and study groups.


Our daily lives are often far too hectic. With our group Buddhist-Youth, we try to provide space for timeout and peace for young people.


If you are interested in any of our various networks, please contact our office.

We welcome everyone who wants to participate in our networks!

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