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The Austrian Buddhist Society has dedicated this space and supports the realisation of these projects. We look forward to new ideas and projects: open.space@buddhismus-austria.at


Here you  will find the details for the next ÖBR Open Space.


Please find the latest news about Open Space Groups in our ÖBR Newsletter, which is published every three months.



Hiking Group Buddha Nature

Through the support of this platform I would like to offer hiking tours, exercise, and the opportunity for discussion: for a start, once a month. Participation is your own responsibility and at your own risk. I am the organizer of the hiking tours, but I am not a trained hiking guide. The main scope of these activities is to be part of a group and enjoy nature. Furthermore, new friends might be found, ideas exchanged, and any kind of wholesome and social networks might come into being. I am offering easy to moderate hiking tours in Vienna and the bordering countryside, which are suitable for one day or even several day hikes, all at a reasonable pace. I want you to know that family, friends and non-Buddhists are invited as well: Everybody will be welcome!


Registration required: Please write, call or send a text to: forest17@gmx.at, 0699 / 17 17 10 75.

When heavy rain is forecast, the tour will be cancelled. Please give me your phone number so that I can reach you quickly, if needed. If you have registered, but cannot participate, please inform me by phone. Let us enjoy many nice hiking tours full of awareness!


If we are able to carpool, the trips could and should lead us to Peilstein (beautiful view, lots of green), Seebenstein (castle Seebenstein, Türkensturz, Bad-Seebenstein), Rax (hiking on a plateau), Schneeberg, and Hochschwab. If you are interested in spending one or two nights out, these might be suitable places: Ötschergräben (Grand Canyon of Austria, swimming at lake Erlaufsee), Wildalpen (Wasserlochklamm Palfau, Hinterwildalpen) Hohe Veitsch (amazing views), Hochlantsch, Teichalm, Bärenschützklamm and many others.

I'm looking forward to meet you ;-) Kind regards, Reinhard



Dharma Voices for Animals

Dharma Voices for Animals is a non-profit charitable organization based in the United States (dharmavoicesforanimals.org) with more than 900 members around the world, who practice the dharma (the teachings of the Buddha) or who have a close relationship to Buddhism, and who speak out against the suffering that humans inflict on animals. We want to strengthen in the German speaking countries the awareness of Buddhist sanghas (communities) and in society to reflect on our own actions that cause suffering for animals, and we want to strengthen the awareness in our ways of life, so that animal suffering is minimized. Dharma Voices for Animals (DVA) Chapter Germany and Austria invite you to support our efforts with your voice, free of charges, and to participate in our activities and events. Membership is free, but it raises the awareness of the suffering of animals, and so every single member strengthens our initiative. Head of the Chapter Austria is Gerhard Weissgrab: http://dharmavoicesforanimals.de/

Network of Mindful Economy

The Network Mindful Economy conveys and develops the potential, which Buddhist teachings have for various sectors of our economy. The starting point is the understanding and the training of one's own mind. For this purpose, seminars and retreats are carried out, regional groups are formed, publications written and initiatives taken. The network formed upon the initiative and in cooperation with Kai Romhardt, the founder of the "Network of Mindful Economy" in Germany. Find out details of the Vienna Group here.

Salon Buddhism and Society

Buddhism in the 21st century is subject to major changes caused by the transformation of our globalized world. Increasingly societies are becoming more and more complex, multi-layered and interwoven. Individuals are embedded on many levels in society's reality and depend on it. We want to reflect on the dynamic field of interactions between Buddhism and society. We are especially interested in the question, in as much the attitudes and practices of Buddhism can unfold within society, so that society itself can absorb positions of enlightenment and spread them. Furthermore, it is about turning the practical existence in the world into a real path to liberation.

We want to discuss both general principles and everyday political topics, in case they have relevance to our main subject. Questions about ethics belong to our themes as well as health, economy and many more. In the further context these dialogues are meant to improve our ability to formulate our concerns clearly and to represent our attitude with depth and freshness too. The process is influenced by the participants too, but the general structure should include: short presentation/keynote presentation, structured exchange of ideas, informal social part.

Where? Shambhala centre for meditation "Meditationszentrum", Stiftgasse 15-17, 1070 Wien, preregistration required under: doc@nordrandklinik.at

Mindful Communication in the Buddhist Practice of Life

This 2-hour practical group is about non-violent communication (NVC) according to Marshall B. Rosenberg and its approach in Buddhist practice, mainly in exercise sequences. NVC offers useful tools, that can support "right speech". An essential element of what "speaking the truth" in the sense of the Eightfold Path in this context means is to welcome conflicts, in order to gain more clarity, honesty and simplicity in communication with oneself and with others.

Accompaniment by Mag. Peter Pressnitz / Trainer and Facilitator in the "Network Nonviolent Communication" – Austria www.gewaltfrei.at, To register please call Peter Pressnitz, 0699 14 700 052, peterpressnitz.gewaltfrei@gmail.com



The Bridge - Buddhist Backing for Prisoners

A very committed group formed within ÖBR to offer companionship to prisoners. The group offers spiritual and human support for people in the exceptional situation of detention. The Buddhist backing for prisoners, called the "Bridge", is looking for new colleagues, who would like to work as volunteer pastoral caregivers (both male and female). Especially in the Southern and Western Austrian states we could do with help. If you are interested in offering Buddhist companionship for prisoners or would like to volunteer in our team, please get in contact with the team of the Bridge directly via bruecke@buddhismus-austria.at

Furthermore we need seat cushions for prison inmates. And we also welcome donated books, which we will gladly pass on.

Radio Buddha

The Podcast of ÖBR: Radio Buddha transmits contributions of exciting interview partners, informs about groups of socially engaged Buddhists and informs about Buddhist events in Austria. Just listen to our Podcast or download an interview!

Furthermore we are looking for reporters who would like to conduct interviews at Buddhist events. We offer support with regard to interviewing and audio techniques. If you are interested please get in touch with Dani directly: DanielaS.Fiedler@gmx.at


The idea is as simple as it is good: Make people come together who have things they want to pass on to others. ÖBR offers the location for that purpose. The events create a flea-market feeling, albeit there is no money involved. Objects, which are too good to be thrown away, because they are in working condition, clean and useful, are donated at GIVE-away-FESTivities. The aims of recycling unused things and of resource management can so be easily achieved!

Giving and getting together - on an equal footing. Objects brought to the GIVE-away-FESTivity must be fully functional, clean, and usable. However, please do not take large objects, like beds, chests etc. with you. Offer them with a photograph and a description, but do not take them with you! All objects which were meant to be given but did not find a new owner at the end of the event will be donated to a "Kost Nix" shop, where goods are "sold" to people in need at no charge (= "kostet nichts")

You will find further information on that kind of sustainability in a leaflet or in a short film. GIVE-away-FESTivities is a project which is supported by "Permakultur Austria". If you are interested in that project, please contact Reinhard Urban at: give-away-feste@nachhaltig.at

Come together

Find social activities of Buddhists here: http://www.groops.at/buddhistinitiativ

For example: Offer for "Active Breathing" at the Pema Karpo Centre: A - 1020 Wien, Stuwerstrasse 15/3. Floor/16; Tsering Chozom: 0680 / 31 40 993


Buddhist Meeting at Freistadt:

Each Saturday at 11:00 am at the shop "Weltladen Freistadt", Pfarrgasse 16.

For more information contact Wilfried Haunschmid: drum@aon.at, 079 42 / 73 295; 0680 / 312 11 31

New Media / Public Relations

Find ÖBR on Facebook: www.facebook.com/buddhismusinoesterreich

Buddhist Youth

Together with young people, this group wants to create a space to meditate together, to calm down, to cultivate compassion and to talk about everything. Interested? We meet every Thursday from 5:30 - 7:00 pm, at "der Mittlere Weg", Biberstrasse 9/2, 1010 Wien.


Ideas and young people are always welcome! Why don't you just drop in with your friends?

Registration and information: Matthias Grümayer, 0680 14 54 171, info@buddhistischejugend.at
www.buddhistischejugend.at or www.facebook.com/buddhistischejugend




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